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Category: Academic Publishing

Academic Style Guidelines: Finding Your Way Around Style Guides

If you’re submitting an academic paper, then you’ve probably been instructed to follow a style guide. A style guide dictates how to format your paper, how your references should appear, and many other details, such as how to handle abbreviations, spelling and punctuation when there is more than one “right” way. In other words, it […]

Academic Journal Manuscript Submissions: Checklist

Getting published in an academic journal is not an easy task. The competition is high and to succeed you must be thorough, well prepared and meticulous in the details. Nothing will get your manuscript rejected quicker than failing to meet the standard conventions of the journal, no matter how good your research is. If you […]

Oxford Style Guide Proofreading and Editing Services

The Oxford Style guidelines are the second most requested editing guidelines we receive from our clients, behind only the APA format. Printed by Oxford University Press, the New Oxford Style Manual provides guidance on areas such as: Presentation including headings and indexing Capitalisation usage UK vs. US English variations Quoting and referencing Lists and tables […]

Academic Journal Editorial Decision Making (An Overview)

If you have ever submitted a manuscript to an academic journal you will, no doubt, have wondered what happens to it once it arrives on the editor’s desk, and the decision making process behind whether or not they choose to publish your work. In this article, we are going to explain the behind the scenes […]

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