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Chicago Manual of Style editing and proofreading services

Our experienced CMoS editors are available 24/7/365 to proofread and edit your essays, papers, journal manuscripts and other documents. We can ensure that your paper follows CMoS style guidelines correctly.

Chicago Manual of style

CMoS format is the official style guidance issued by the University of Chicago. Now in its 17th edition, CMoS is one of the most widely used formats in the US and globally for citing sources in a variety of academic fields, from psychology to the social sciences.

“Chicago style” is one of our most frequently requested formats, and a number of our editors have substantial experience in applying this format.

If you require Chicago style formatting for your university department or target journal, let us know on the order form; we’d be happy to help.

CMoS 17th Edition editing services

CMoS 17th edition style guidelines seek to establish standards of written communication with regard to:

  • Content organization
  • Writing style and tone
  • Referencing and citation of sources
  • Presentation of statistics
  • Inclusive language
  • Manuscript preparation for publication

Corrected my manuscript to Chicago style

Thank you to Jessica, my editor from Cambridge Proofreading for helping me with my manuscript. She not only improved the writing from a grammatical and academic point of view, but also helped me with my Chicago style formatting.

Amy, University of Illinois

A job well done

“A job well done by the Cambridge team. My journal editor said I had numerous issues with the Chicago style formatting of my manuscript. My assigned editor did a thorough job of fixing them.”

Kat, University of Miami

Results exceeded expectations

“The editor (Jennifer) fixed not only my mistakes in grammar and punctuation, but also style and citation issues.  She even resolved errors in substance, which would have been impossible to do without having knowledge of the subject.”

Grega, Berlin

Reason 3

Subject-matter expertise

When it comes to academic editing and proofreading, there simply is no substitute for subject-matter expertise. That’s why we have a robust team of over 300 editors who come from diverse academic backgrounds. From the sciences and engineering to the humanities and social sciences, our editors cover the full spectrum of academic disciplines.

This expansive range of expertise allows us to thoughtfully pair your document with a professional editor who not only is a proficient writer and reviewer but also understands the specific terms of art and nuances of your particular subject area.

Experienced academic editors

All of our experienced academic editors hold advanced qualifications from leading global universities. Many are also members of leading industry bodies, such as the Board of Editors in the Life Sciences (BELS) and the Council of Science Editors (CSE).

Our rigorous selection process ensures that we work with only the best editors: less than 1% of the editors who apply to Cambridge are invited to join our team.

A. M., MA

Religious Studies, Jewish Studies, Creative Writing

5Years’ Experience

634Papers Edited


  • MA Religious Studies, Duke University
    MFA Creative Writing (Fiction), North Carolina State University
    BA Jewish Studies, Minors in Middle East Studies and English, Elon University

P. C., PhD

Physics, Materials Chemistry, Condensed Matter

16Years’ Experience

1,005Papers Edited


  • PhD Materials Chemistry & Condensed Matter, University of Newcastle upon Tyne
    Master of Physics, MPHYS (Hons), University of Newcastle upon Tyne

A. S., PhD

Anthropology, Engineering, Civil Engineering

10Years’ Experience

1,023Papers Edited


  • PhD Anthropology, University of Wisconsin
    MA Anthropology, Colorado State University
    BS Civil Engineering, Washington University in St. Louis
    BS Engineering Science, Manchester College

A. R., PhD

Global Studies, Journalism, Social Sciences

20Years’ Experience

1,650Papers Edited


  • PhD Global Studies, Leipzig University
    Dual Erasmus Mundus Master’s in Global Studies, Roskilde University and Wroclaw University
    Bachelor’s in Journalism, Florida International University

C. B., MSc

Computer Science, Mathematics

36Years’ Experience

260Papers Edited


  • MSc Computer Science, Florida State University
    BSc Mathematics (Computer Science), Florida State University

Dr. S., PhD

Computer Sciences Editor

11Years’ Experience

122Papers Edited


  • PhD Computer Science, University of Liverpool
    MSc Computer Science, University of Liverpool
    BSc Computer Science, University of Liverpool

E. C., MA

Jurisprudence, Journalism, Law

10Years’ Experience

3,120Papers Edited


  • MA Jurisprudence, University of Oxford
    MA Journalism, University of Salford

G. O., PhD

Anthropology, Ecology, Classics

9Years’ Experience

1,067Papers Edited


  • PhD Anthropology, Goldsmiths, University of London
    MRes Anthropology, Goldsmiths, University of London
    MSc Anthropology & Ecology, University College London
    BA Classics & Anthropology, University of Palermo

J. L., PhD

Micropalaeontology, Earth Sciences

25Years’ Experience

1,068Papers Edited


  • PhD Micropalaeontology, University College London
    BSc (Hons) Geological Sciences, University of Aston in Birmingham

J. P., MFA

Creative Writing, Women's Studies

15Years’ Experience

700Papers Edited


  • MFA Creative Writing, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
    BA English (Hons), Minor in Women’s Studies, University of Wisconsin-Madison

J. R., MA

Middle Eastern Studies, History

10Years’ Experience

262Papers Edited


  • MA Middle Eastern Studies, Lund University
    BA (Hons) History, University of Cambridge

J. M., MA

Education, Curriculum Studies

8Years’ Experience

110Papers Edited


  • MA Curriculum Studies, University of Northern Colorado
    Post-Baccalaureate Teaching Certification Program in Education, University of Northern Colorado
    BA Writing, Colorado State University

J. Q., ME

Mechanical Engineering

9Years’ Experience

500Papers Edited


  • ME Mechanical Engineering, Johns Hopkins University
    BS Mechanical Engineering, University of Maryland
    BS Mathematics, Frostburg State University

J. T., PhD

Organic Geochemistry, Geology, Geophysics

6Years’ Experience

100Papers Edited


  • PhD Organic Geochemistry, Imperial College London
    MSci Geology and Geophysics, Imperial College London

K. W., MA

Applied Health Sciences

14Years’ Experience

1,181Papers Edited


  • MA Applied Health Sciences, University of Waterloo
    BA (Hons) Applied Health Sciences, University of Waterloo

K. W., JD

Law, Psychology

12Years’ Experience

145Papers Edited


  • Juris Doctor, University of California, Davis, School of Law
    MA, Experimental-General Psychology, The College of William and Mary
    BA Psychology & History, Pepperdine University

L. S., MS

Statistics, Mathematics

36Years’ Experience

2,348Papers Edited


  • MS Statistics, Northwestern University
    BA Mathematics, Northwestern University

M. P., MSW

Psychology, Criminal Psychology, Child Development, Social Welfare Policy, Prison Reform

5Years’ Experience

210Papers Edited


  • Master of Social Work, Aurora University
    BA Russian, University of Illinois at Chicago

M. B., MA

Film Studies, Humanities, Media and Cultural Studies

10Years’ Experience

2,300Papers Edited


  • MA Film Studies, Dongguk University
    BA Humanities, Media, and Cultural Studies, Macalester College

M. L., MA

Political Science

5Years’ Experience

459Papers Edited


  • MA Political Science, Case Western Reserve University
    BA Political Science, John Carroll University

P. W., MA

TESOL, English, Humanities

8Years’ Experience

430Papers Edited


  • MA TESOL, University College London
    BA English, Haverford College

P. K., MSc

Marine Biology

10Years’ Experience

856Papers Edited


  • MSc Marine Biology, National Taiwan Ocean University
    HBSc Biology, Trent University

P. K., PhD

Mathematical Biology, Biophysical Chemistry, Physics

14Years’ Experience

200Papers Edited


  • PhD Mathematical Biology and Biophysical Chemistry, University of Warwick
    MSc Mathematical Biology and Biophysical Chemistry, University of Warwick
    MPhys Physics, University of Warwick

P. H., MPhil


5Years’ Experience

120Papers Edited


  • MPhil Philosophy, Robinson College, University of Cambridge
    BA Philosophy, University of York

R. M., MS

Reading and Language Arts, Education

6Years’ Experience

576Papers Edited


  • MS Reading and Language Arts, Duquesne University
    BS Elementary Education, Pennsylvania State University

C. R., MEd

Education, Political Science

5Years’ Experience

200Papers Edited


  • MEd Elementary Education & Spanish, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga
    BS Political Science & Spanish, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga

L. D., MSci

Biology, Medicine, Surgery

9Years’ Experience

130Papers Edited


  • MSci Human Genetics, University College London
    Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS), University College London

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