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Cambridge Proofreading is committed to delivering a high-quality service to each and every one of our clients. We achieve this by delivering meticulous proofreading and quality editing, on time. We are always looking for talented and experienced academic editors who can help us deliver outstanding work to our clients.

Work with the best

Established in Cambridge, England, and headquartered in Chicago, IL, Cambridge Proofreading works with experienced editors from around the globe. We are proud to have edited over 201,000 documents for more than 77,000 clients around the world.

Our network of 300+ editing professionals covers the full spectrum of academic subjects. The quality of our editing team is what separates us from other services.

Help writers worldwide

  • Improve the language and structure of academic papers, business communications, and more.
  • Coach clients to become better, more confident writers.
  • Experience the appreciation of happy clients.

Who are our editors?

Our editors come from diverse backgrounds and have a broad range of specialisms, but they all share a love of language editing and derive great satisfaction from delivering meticulous work and helping others. Most of our editors hold advanced degrees in their fields. They enjoy the freedom that comes with working remotely, choosing their own projects and setting their own schedules.

Meet the Team

The perks of working with us

  • Edit documents from your own areas of interest and expertise.
  • Work from anywhere in the world. Goodbye, commute!
  • Retain complete control over your schedule. Work when you want, and only when you want.
  • Focus on editing. We take care of client care and logistics so you can focus on what you love.
  • Receive personalised feedback and guidance to hone your skills.
  • Experience the satisfaction of helping appreciative clients from all over the world.

Minimum requirements

Most of our clients are students and academics, so we require all of our editors to hold at least a bachelor’s degree. In addition, you must:

  • be a native English speaker,
  • have an exceptional understanding of the English language, as well as prior editing experience, and
  • have stable internet access and be able to consistently meet deadlines.

Preferred candidates

We give preference to editors who have:

  • advanced degrees, and/or
  • expertise in STEM, business, economics, and computer science, and/or
  • experience in academic editing or publishing, or as university faculty.

What we offer

In return for your expertise and hard work, we offer:

  • average pay of USD 20–25 per hour, paid twice monthly
  • feedback and guidance to improve your skills and efficiency
  • access to our resource library and subscriptions
  • full control over which orders you accept, and
  • flexibility: your schedule remains your own.

How does it work?

Receive proposals and complete jobs

  • We will email you job proposals containing information about the order, including its topic, word count, and deadline. At the click of a button, you can choose to accept or reject any proposal. You decide which jobs to accept—no explanations needed.
  • Through our ‘open markets’, you can also choose from a list of available orders.
  • All orders are returned through our portal before being rated by clients. Happy clients translate into more proposals, a growing client base, and a steady flow of work.

Set your own schedule

  • You remain in charge of your schedule and retain full control over which jobs you choose to accept.
  • You can set your availability via the calendar in your user area and block out periods during which you’d prefer not to receive any job proposals.

Hone your skills

  • Access our resource library to polish your editing skills and improve your efficiency.
  • Benefit from personalised feedback and guidance from our quality control team.

Twice-monthly pay

  • We settle invoices twice monthly via PayPal (for non-US editors) or direct deposit (for US editors), covering any fees.

Interested in joining the Cambridge team?

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