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One-Editor Premium Service

Our standard service includes proofreading for grammar and punctuation, and editing for structure, academic (or appropriate) style and clarity. More info
Two Editor

Two-Editor Advanced Service

Our advanced service provides a review from two senior editors. This results in an even more accurate and thorough edit. More info
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PDF files

We can mark up PDFs using sticky notes that you can then manually apply to your file within your original publishing software. However, Microsoft Word’s Track Changes feature is much more comprehensive and highly preferable, whenever possible.

For our standard turnarounds, we are happy to work with whichever you prefer: PDF or Word files.

We have several methods for converting or transferring PDF and LaTeX files to Microsoft Word and will contact you with options immediately after your order is complete.

Please note that we do not accept PDF files for our Express service turnarounds.

Our combined proofreading and editing service includes:

  • Grammar, punctuation, and spelling
  • Sentence structure and terminology
  • Tone and style
    (Academic, formal, or other, depending on your document’s purpose and audience)
  • Clarity and awkward phrasing
  • Structure and flow of ideas
  • Feedback on content and structure
  • Editor’s summary report (for orders over 3,000 words)
  • Editing certificate
  • Aftercare and follow-up questions

But what about our two-editor advanced service?

Recommended for journal articles, our two-editor service provides an even more in-depth and accurate edit performed by two senior editors.

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