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A Warning on Scam Websites Offering “Proofreading Services”

21st February 2019 blog

We often have people coming to us for help after being either outright scammed or extremely disappointed with the service they received from another proofreading and editing service provider. Quite simply, there are a number of "proofreading service" websites online that are either outright stealing people's money or are ripping…

Academic Journal Editorial Decision Making (An Overview)

21st February 2019 blog

If you have ever submitted a manuscript to an academic journal you will, no doubt, have wondered what happens to it once it arrives on the editor's desk, and the decision making process behind whether or not they choose to publish your work. In this article, we are going to…

Tips For Writing in an Academic Tone and Style

21st February 2019 blog

Writing in an appropriate academic tone and style can have a substantial impact on the grading of a paper or its likelihood of being published. One of our specialities is improving academic tone and style in our clients' papers. Our team of experienced academics has the knowledge and expertise across…

Tips For Writing Essays For UK/US Universities For ESL students

21st February 2019 blog

When writing an essay, it is important to consider whether you are writing according to US guidelines and spelling systems or the UK system. There can be many differences between these two systems related to spelling, references, or just general vocabulary. US and UK spelling Regardless of which country your…